Friday, June 12, 2009

LEGOs, stuff, and etc.

Okay, I am considering a few things, and I want to ask you people who aren't reading this to help me decide what to do.

First I want to explain why I am asking those who are NOT reading this to help me. The explanation is quite simple: Those of you who ARE reading this... are probably boring and unimaginative. Amazing, isn't it?

Oi, I am considering first making a LEGO comic called Dragonfly about a group of smugglers who are always at odds with the Allegiance and avoiding creepers. Pretty original, huh?

On to other stuff...!!!

My other consideration is making a YouTube show starring myself and my friends and family. I won't have to share the spotlight that way, because I don't have friends, and my family is a bunch of people who fear the camera's lens. It's like they think it's lethal or steals their souls or something weird like that there.

Consider this: A man on a moon eating bananas takes home telepathy and owns his own car. Nice, huh?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boredom, Endings, and Bambi

Okay, I'm bored...

I know it's SO much fun to read about how AMAZINGLY bored I am.

But, in the end, it does matter. (Despite what Linkin park may say.) Because in the end... The end is how it ends, and that matters to me. I mean if we didn't care how it ended we'd all go do drugs and drink until we die. I mean, who cares about responsibility if the ending does not matter at all? Come on, people! You can be happy being a jerk, as long as there are no real results. The result is the ending and the ending sucks sometimes. I'd rather have a happy ending. :D

You know what else is odd? Bambi... talk about the MOST POINTLESS cartoon ever created. I'll rant about that later. There's pizza right now, and I'm bored enough to eat it. Sigh...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dumb Lights, Stuff and Etc.


(That's my new favorite word/sound thing. I dunno why.)

You know those dumb "smart" lights that are supposed to detect a car coming and give them a green light, but always seem to stop the only lane with traffic in it? Yeah those...

Well the other day we were driving home from seeing Knowing (odd movie) and we came to one of those lights. The light in front of us turned red, so we stopped. The lights intersecting street STAYED red, and (we were able to see the glow of the light behind us) the lane for oncoming traffic (of which there was none) was the ONLY lane to be green. What's with that? I mean who thought that'd be a good idea? "Let's stop everyone except no one!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the literalists are now saying "it probably just messed up. No one decided to do that, Magillichetti," but that's why I am not a literalist... so I can say stupid, funny things.

Speaking of literalists, don't you hate it when they're waiting on you, and you say "just a minute," and exactly sixty seconds later they're like "ok, why aren't you ready?" A piece of advice, never tell them "just a second."

Oi, so... I'm not good at blogging. I can never think of what to write about. So I started writing a movie review blog. It's fun, but I don't see enough movies to keep it updated even weekly, so I'm using this blog to satisfy my writing urge in between movies.

I wanna watch Taken next. Isn't it pathetic that I am going to watch and review a movie so long after it came out? Oi, I'm a failure of a blogger. Oh well... I still like writing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Is it worth knowing?

I dunno... is it worth watching Knowing?

I'm going to find out tonight. I'll be watching "Knowing."
Check out my movie review blog here .