Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boredom, Endings, and Bambi

Okay, I'm bored...

I know it's SO much fun to read about how AMAZINGLY bored I am.

But, in the end, it does matter. (Despite what Linkin park may say.) Because in the end... The end is how it ends, and that matters to me. I mean if we didn't care how it ended we'd all go do drugs and drink until we die. I mean, who cares about responsibility if the ending does not matter at all? Come on, people! You can be happy being a jerk, as long as there are no real results. The result is the ending and the ending sucks sometimes. I'd rather have a happy ending. :D

You know what else is odd? Bambi... talk about the MOST POINTLESS cartoon ever created. I'll rant about that later. There's pizza right now, and I'm bored enough to eat it. Sigh...

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