Sunday, January 16, 2011

Randomness and an Ox


Yeah. I don't know what this post is going to be about, really. I just made up the title off the top of my head.

First: Contrary to unpopular belief, leaving facebook DOES have negative effects. I'm bored. :\
I've been hoping that some productive, good, and generally not stupid hobbies would fill the void left by FB, but so far... nada.

Oh! Here's an interesting update: That place with the MS walk and MS run that I blogged about earlier? Yeah, they finally got rid of that stuff. :) Either they read my blog or they actually clean up every new year.

It's probably more likely they read my blog.

So, I didn't sleep last night... at all. I'm figuring I'll probably crash here soon (cuz it's after ten and I haven't slept) but we'll see how long I hang on.

Okay, so, how long have I lived at my current address? I dunno. Several years. But, just yesterday I realized that the writing in the sink around the garbage disposal says "insinkerator." Why have I never noticed that before? Am I deaf?

In closing, I'm now a fan of the show "Million Dollar Money Drop." It's fun.


"I'm not psychotic! I'm a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research!" Who said it? For 1000 cool points!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, Week One, School, and Initials

Well, looky here... I've gone the entire first week of the year without posting. So sad... ish.

Anyway... The first seven (and a half) days of the new year were entirely unimpressive. I'd give it a solid "meh."
I was hoping to be blown away by the future. I wanted flying cars, cats that talked, and some jelly-like substance that glowed and called me "daddy!" Preferably it would be green.

And I mean in color.

Not environmentally friendly.

Not that I'm against environmentally friendly... that's just not what I meant by "green" in that sentence.

Very little to report. Got to go buy books soon, and make sure I know the exact dates each of my classes starts. Wouldn't want to miss the first day of class. :P That'd be annoying.

I'm taking my first online class this semester. I'm old fashioned, and prefer the classroom setting. So I've been avoiding online classes, but it became inevitable.

Okay... here's a game.

I'm gonna list some initials of famous people (be they real, or fictional) and we see how many you can match to the person it belongs to!
Granted most sets of initials can go to more than one person... so it's easy for you. Just make sure it's someone well known, so it's not like "that's my great aunt's dog's previous owner's initials!"


^okay^ guess away!