Friday, June 12, 2009

LEGOs, stuff, and etc.

Okay, I am considering a few things, and I want to ask you people who aren't reading this to help me decide what to do.

First I want to explain why I am asking those who are NOT reading this to help me. The explanation is quite simple: Those of you who ARE reading this... are probably boring and unimaginative. Amazing, isn't it?

Oi, I am considering first making a LEGO comic called Dragonfly about a group of smugglers who are always at odds with the Allegiance and avoiding creepers. Pretty original, huh?

On to other stuff...!!!

My other consideration is making a YouTube show starring myself and my friends and family. I won't have to share the spotlight that way, because I don't have friends, and my family is a bunch of people who fear the camera's lens. It's like they think it's lethal or steals their souls or something weird like that there.

Consider this: A man on a moon eating bananas takes home telepathy and owns his own car. Nice, huh?

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