Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoping to become more active... in a tank

Okay, so... I'm trying to break my addiction to Facebook. :D So I'm developing other bad habits to fill the vacuum. Tonight I'm starting out by trying to become more regularly a blogger. <-- Awkward how I ended that sentence.

Anyway... have you ever considered that everything, no matter what, is MORE SO when it is in a tank? I mean like a Sherman Tank. A good ol' fashioned killing machine! Think about it!

What's the coolest thing you can think of? Go for it! Okay... Batman... (is Batman seriously the coolest thing you can think of? Sheesh...) Anyway Batman IN A TANK! Or go with something cooler like Over the Hedge IN A TANK! Do you like geeks? I do. But wouldn't they be much geekier IN A TANK!?? I think so. Everything is more so whatever it is when it is inside a tank.

Okay, what's the scariest thing in the world? Wouldn't Norman Bates be much, much more Psycho-ish if he attacked the shower IN A TANK!?? That'd scare the pants off me... if I wasn't already naked... seeing as it's a shower and all... (Don't be pervy. (Almost) everyone showers naked.)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen? A three legged zebra playing with a dead raccoon? IN A TANK! Being told "It's too bad you're a guy, you'd make a great girl," IN A TANK!
You get the point?


You give me some examples: I wanna know what you've seen or has happened to you that would be much more so had it been in a tank.

Oi, Magillichetti out!

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