Sunday, February 27, 2011

LEGOs, the 20's, Venti, and Zombies

Greetings, Evildoers.

You may recognize most of this post... I'm cannibalizing my facebook notes here for the benefit of anyone who may read this and not have a facebook. (I know, you're thinking that there's only twelve people left on Earth who don't have a facebook, and they're mostly too sophisticated to read my garbage. You're probably right, but a man can dream, right? Besides--it's not like I was going to put anything else here.)

So the girls were getting ready to go to the store today, and then Maria looked at me and said "You wanna come?" So I looked back at her and said "Do you want me to come?" And she said "Yes."

This is how I came to be "shopping" with my sisters and mother.

Anyway... Where was I? Oh, yeah... questioning my manhood.

It was implied (actually stated rather bluntly) that I must not be a real man since I don't mind "browsing" at the store. Hell, it's Wal-Mart! I went to the toy section and bought me some LEGOs! That makes me manly, doesn't it???

Don't answer that.

Right. LEGOs are awesome though. I'm a collector, but poor. So my collection grows slowly... and cheaply. :) But, still, it's there. I have been planning for a while to make one of those LEGO comic strips that you see online occasionally. (If you don't know what I'm talking about google "Legostar Galactica" -- but be warned, his jokes can be adult themed... and don't look at the fan art. Okay, I'm making it sound like I read a nasty comic, aren't I? No, the comics are made out of LEGOs, so they can't get too nasty. Duh. But he can make crude jokes, and... don't look at the fan art.) Anyway--back to my CLEAN LEGO comic strip...

I haven't made it yet. But I have lots of LEGOs and LEGO men. And I'm simply hilarious!!!! :D (Okay, so I'm not. Who cares? I can pretend I am. :P Jerk.)

Speaking of the twenties...

In the world of fashion we've seen the 80's come and go... and come back again. We've seen the mistakes of the sixties be killed off and then peek out their heads, and we've even seen the 70's fight to return. But... the 20's?

I kid you not. They're selling suffragette hats at Target. :O I mean like... have you watched movies from a billion years ago when they first started putting sound on them? Yeah. Those hats. They're back. If it wasn't cool, I'd be appalled. :)

VENTI! Just bring this up to say I got a venti vanilla latte with whipped cream. It was awesome. :) Mmmm...

And, finally... the part we've all been waiting for! ZOMBIES!!!!

I said, quite loudly, that the light fog with the street lights and lots of open space and... ahh... I said it was perfect zombie weather. And my family looked at me like I was a chicken in a man suit.

Seriously, they threatened to stop going anywhere with me again. :( Just cuz I'm a walking-dead meteorologist doesn't mean I'm ALWAYS socially awkward. I'm always socially awkward because I'm a geek.

Totally unrelated. :P



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